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September 30, 2006


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Daniel was a busy little beaver after dinner tonight

Hes getting into practise on how to feed himself

we still feed him most of his meal

tonight-2.jpgHere he is playing with a spoon and a little dish we put a little of his dinner in for him to practise with

the sunset tonight



September 27, 2006

What I did this morning

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The other day I mentioned I was going to make a poster of our youth group dance and give it to them.

Well yesterday when we were on our walk I got the supplies I needed and this morning I made this:-


On Sunday morning I am going to put it in the church hall and at the appropriate time tell the church about it. We have a cup of tea or coffee after church so I will invite them to view it then. Then after church I will transfer it into the youth group room so the children can look at it next term as they wish.

Explanation of the above work:- It is all the photos Muzz took on Friday night glued on to 2 yellow sheets of cardboard (joined together).  It has streamers decorating the border they are black and white – our theme.  It also has the title of the dance on it.  If you would like a better look and if i have your email address I will send you a copy.

September 26, 2006

what a night

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Last night i had the most awful tummy ache I have had for a very long time

I was getting bad cramps/contractions (no Im not pregnant just felt like contractions), temperatures, I felt nausea and had a bout of diarrhoea.

I had some volteren Muzz gave me a while ago. I tried using my wheat bag but the weight of it seemed to be too great. Got to sleep eventually to wake up again in the very early hours of the morning in pain again.

I prayed that I would be able to look after Daniel. At the time i dont think I would have even been able to pick him up. I debated ringing the doctor and getting him/her to come visit me. Eventually I went to sleep again. This morning I was ok – thank God – just a bit tired.

September 25, 2006

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Im going to be involved with this on October the 1st

if youre interested check out the site here

Be a good way to meet some Christian bloggers

The Weekend

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Friday night was the youth group disco. It was good although we would have liked more people to have come. Muzz came over early so he was able to look after Daniel freeing me up. Billy and I went to church and I   helped one of the men put up the balloons. Then I set to work in the kitchen, a favourite haunt for me at occasions like this. Much happier working behind the scenes. I was quite pleased with myself too (not meaning to sound proud) as I mostly alone got supper ready. Buttering, jamming and putting cheese on pre-made scones. The leader had made all the scones before hand. Cutting up cakes and slices. Cooking pre-made sausage rolls. Billy meanwhile got the job of operating the camcorder. (Apparently he will need lessons if we ever have another disco. Later upon viewing the footage the leader told me she had got seasick LOL)

Later Muzz and Daniel came over. It was a good evening.

On Saturday I recuperated. I over did it some what and felt totally exhausted. I think mostly because I am not use to working as hard as I had over the previous couple of days. I keep reminding myself however, that I was probably no worse off than the leader herself and she has been working 45 hour weeks in her youth ministry all term and she is a solo mum of one 10 year old boy. I must add too she doesn’t get paid for at least 1/2 of those hours.

Sunday we went to church finally feeling much better. The sermon concentrated on Moses, the Israelites and the trek to the promised land. The minister said that the trek was probably some 500 km. This got Muzz and I thinking. I worked out that if i can walk 2.5 kms in half an hour. So it may have taken 110 hours. If I made that journey it may have taken me 2 weeks around about – what a lot of time of energy those people wasted just because they wouldn’t obey God. Muzz concluded that they must have been fit. It still gives me a buzz when a story from the bible takes hold of Muzz’s interest. His journey is still so early and its encouraging to see him become interested.

Last night I made a start on a poster that I am going to give to the youth group. They don’t it yet. The other problem Billy had with the recording was that the tape was only 1 hour long. Which might have been fine had it not been so rock and rolling. He apparently had to heavy a hand on panning and zooming in and out LOL. So when Muzz arrived at the dance he used his much loved hobby of photography to record the evening on ditigal camera. I have started to edit those photos and print them out in black and white – colour printing costs too much and I plan to paste them on to a big sheet of coloured cardboard and put it in the church hall next weekend. Therefore allowing the other parishioners to see how our disco was.

4.jpgI dont like my photo being taken LOl
10.jpgMuzz and I enjoying a dance. The youth group leader decided we should have a dance together. She took Daniel (whom she adores) and gave us time to dance.

3.jpg1.jpgBilly and Daniel enjoy a dance. Daniel was very happy dancing with his big brother. Most of the rest of the time he tuned out. As a friend said it was a sensory over load. The music, the lights, the decorations and the dancing.


September 22, 2006

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Ive updated my other blog


Busy Busy Busy Again

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Yesterday morning after dropping Billy off at school and after paying at the Post Shop for some more power Daniel and I went over to Muzz’s. He got a surprise which is what I was hopeing to achieve. He also got a nice kiss and cuddle from our little man. The first time Daniel has been this affectionate with his daddy and it brought a tear to his daddy’s eye.

Daniel and I spent the day with Nan, Poppa and Daddy/Muzz.

I was able to visit you all from Muzz’s computer. He has broadband. I would like broadband but cant afford it. Its sooooo much faster than dial up and I was even able to view some videos that some of my bloggie friends put on their sites. I cant usually do this on dial up as it takes all day.  It felt funny when my SIL to be rang up and I was still on the internet though.

After picking Billy up from school I discovered that I had left the power receipt at muzz’s I was very concerned. I prayed that the plastic bag that contained the receipt as well as other bits and pieces hadn’t accidentally got thrown out. I knew I couldn’t afford more power and it was a large amount of money (in receipt form) for me to lose. It turns out it was still on the dining room table and later Muzz read out the numbers on it so I could programme my power box and presto we had more power – problem resolved. Not that Id ran out – in fact seemed to have quite a bit – but it would have awful to have lost that receipt. After that Billy and I went for a walk along the beach it was nice.

After an early dinner the boys and I went to youth group where we helped organise the hall for a dance we are having tonight. Finally we got home again after being there 2.5 hours put Daniel to bed and read to Billy for half an hour then crashed into bed myself.

This morning I am tired and yet I haven’t really done anything yet. Coffee helps a bit. I have to go grocery shopping later and we are expected to be at the church hall again at 4pm. I am to help with preparing supper. I am a leader at the youth group so I have to be there. Still the dance should be good and Monday is the start of a 2 week holiday for the schools.

Did U Know that on the 21st of September 1999 Google launched its search engine. I like using the google search engine. Very useful.

Well better go

so much to do

so little time to do it

September 20, 2006

I finished this at craft group this morning

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Its now on Daniel’s bedroom wall


Its made from a dough thats cooked till its hard

then painted

then varnished

September 19, 2006

Billy went to school as Spiderman today

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At Billy’s school they have been learning about characters in books this term. So today to finish the study and to possibly celebrate the fact that next week are holidays for 2 weeks. They were able to dress up as their favourite character in a book and have a shared lunch. Billy took a packet of biscuits. Before he left this morning we had some fun.

Billy thought Daniel should be in on the fun too daniel-as-spiderman-too.jpgbilly-and-dj-spiderman.jpg

He also told me that he had told his teacher yesterday before he came home that if she heard someone on the wall or ceiling say hello he would be him as Spiderman LOL


Billy won the prize for the best dressed boy in his class – a movie ticket 🙂

September 18, 2006


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Dear friendly readers of mine

  • I have added a page (see sidebar) to try to keep accountable for my walks if you dont see anything on it – YELL at me and remind me how much I will regret not going for a walk
  • scroll down to see the curtains I made for Billy’s room Fridays entry 16 September
  • check out my other blog I have written my 1st account of my childhood

thanks everyone

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