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October 30, 2006

Our Weekend

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This morning Billy and I went and helped at the church fair. The youth group were in charge of the bouncy castle and slide and BBQ. Billy helped prepare the bread and serviettes for the BBQ and I took the $$. We got a chance to have a look around too. I brought another Danielle Steele book, a couple of books for Muzz on parenting (hes a good dad but I always think parenting is an on the job on going job where we can never learn enough :)), a book for Daniel and filled a bag of clothes for 50cents. Also got a school bag for Billy. His old got a hole in it. Billy has informed me that he has done his Christmas shopping. So thats good dont know about everything he got – I know what Muzz is getting though!! 🙂

In the afternoon took it easy. Not sleeping very well at night. Too much on my mind. Am sniffing lavender. Prayers would be appreciated.

Muzz took us out to dinner at McDonald’s. Thanks Muzz a good time was had by all.


Church in the morning. It was All Saints day and we discussed how we are All Saints. All doing something to plant the good news seed. For example I am involved in reaching young people in the youth group.

At 4pm the boys and I went with the youth group ten pin bowling. Billy’s best friend there won their game which they played with 4 others. Billy’s best friend had never played the game before so we were happy he had such a good time playing it.


October 28, 2006

Supermarket shopping

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Hello everyone its Daniel here
Yesterday I went shopping with Daddy, Mummy and Billy

I like cars especially Daddy’s

Sometimes Daddy sits me in his seat when he is putting my car-seat in his car and I enjoy holding the steering wheel

When we got to the supermarket Daddy smiled and put me into one of the trolley cars

Turned out it didnt work so after talking to one of the nice supermarket ladies I was allowed to go in one of the other cars

It was good fun – it sang and talked to me

We went right around the supermarket with me in the car pretending to drive

Can I go in the car trolley next time we go to the supermarket pretty please Daddy???


October 26, 2006

NOVEMBER National Blog Posting Month!

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seal_yoda.jpg nablopomo_yoda_120×240.jpg seal_yoda.jpg

All you to do is blog every day of November

You can post anything – shouldnt be too hard

To sign up and take this challenge too go to her post on the 15th of October and sign up

Brought this – hopefully it will help

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Do you have trouble getting medicine into your baby or toddler?

Daniel hates it. He cries. He refuses to open his mouth.

So I found this on the net and brought it. Hopefully it will help.

Check out this New Zealand website and company

October 24, 2006

A very early morning start

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5oclock.jpgThis morning Daniel decided to wake up at 5am!!! 😦

He has decided he wants to roll over onto his tummy but he finds he cant sleep like that. So he cries. Took him into my bed for a while but he wouldnt settle down. So I put him back into his cot but he never went back to sleep.

We’re having a quiet day now. Hopefully we will get some more sleep today, hope so, for Billy’s sake. I tend to get grumpy when Im tired. We do have to go to Billy’s school this afternoon to meet his new learning support teacher.

October 23, 2006

New Books for Daniel

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My wonderful next door neighbour was having a sort out and she gave Daniel some of their old books. Bless her. Daniel loves books he spent about 15 minutes looking at them. He would have looked longer but we got visitors – some friends of ours from church 🙂


October 22, 2006

The games we play

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When I was about Billy’s age I use to play most weekends in our rumpus room. I had it decorated with pictures from magazines of singers of that era. I had a table and I use our cassette player. I was the radio dj.

Skip forward in time about 25 years . . .
Add more modern technology like a computer, a compact disc player, more imagination (hes been talking about night shifts, and the fact that Daniel could do a shift if he wants when hes older, what the owner of a radio station would do and whether he would have a turn DJing) and you have


Billy’s radio station.

Muzz said he would make some enquires and see if Billy could visit a real radio station with him.

My boy is back!!! :)

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Today Daniel is eating. This was the last thing I was waiting for. This morning he ate 1 whole weetbixfor breakfast. Crazy as I am I danced around in a circle cheering. For lunch he ate a bit of jam sandwich, some biscuit and some pear.


October 21, 2006

Another ear infection :(

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Woke up with Daniel at 2am he was HOT gave him some pamol, took his PJs off and put a sheet over him and gave him a bottle of water. Finally he cooled down and finally he went back to sleep

5am – woke up again to Daniel. More water. No temperature. Unsettled. Finally sleep again

He had breakie of 1/2 a weetbix this morning. Didnt want any lunch though.

Back to the doctor hes not happy today and his ear is red

Another ear infection, script for more antibiotics except we can wait 24 hours to see if he comes right – this is after all the 3rd lot hes had recently

Went to see a dear friend (the youth group leader) and her mum (they had their hubby and dad go to be with Jesus recently) Daniel decided to have a biscuit for a late lunch there

Poor wee man of mine

October 20, 2006


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Daniel is slowly getting back to normal

Hes smiling again, laughing, interacting with us all

Hes playing with his toys, crawling around the house, pulling himself up on the furniture

Dancing and watching a game with music on Muzz’s computer

Hes s l o w l y getting his appetite back – eating a jam sandwich for dinner last night and lunch today

This afternoon we all went shopping Muzz brought Daniel a packet of rusks/bread sticks of which he enjoyed 1

Tonight I am going to try him with veges again 🙂

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