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December 3, 2006

Christmas Time Countdown – 22 days til Christmas

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Another easy Christmas activity for you and your little ones to make








 “A gift isn’t a gift unless it has meaning.

Just giving things to people, especially children, creates the expectation of more things.”

Oprah Winfrey




I have always limited the Christmas presents I give to my children. Partly due to economically reasons but also due to the above quote. This is Daniel’s main Christmas Present this year.   It’ll be useful in the following summer months.




He may get more little presents but this will be his main gift from me. I am still on the look out for Billy’s main gift.



I have heard people say things about children over the years – like spoilt little brat!! – but I often reflect on the fact that its not usually the child’s fault. Its usually the child’s parents who have spent hundreds of dollars on their child. At Christmas and birthday times. This I feel only sets them up for trouble later as the child grows. The child, as the quotes says will expect more and more. The child will have unrealistic expectations on what he/she wants and needs out of life and from other people.


The thought also occurred to me in the middle of the night (does anyone also get inspiration for their writing in the middle of the night?) that should we actually give one another Christmas presents at all? Before you raise your hands in horror and say

“Oh!!! But we should.”

“OH!!! But we must”

or in keeping with this entry and referring back to the quote

“OH!!! but our children expect it”

Just stay with me a minute and consider this.



Whose birthday is it???




Have you ever allowed your child to receive a present on their brothers or sisters birthday?

Havent you heard a parent saying “No. Your birthday isnt today” or “Its Michael’s birthday today sweetheart. Let him choose his birthday gift. Its not your turn” (this example came from playgroup, where the children are allowed to choose a gift from the birthday box but often the other little children became very interested)



The point I am making is this:- Shouldnt most of our money that we sink into expensive Christmas presents instead be used to honour the real birthday of the season.

Whose birthday is it really???




Wouldnt it be a better idea to honour the birthday person himself by giving at least an equal amount to the church. Where they can use the money to honour and spend it in ways that Jesus would like them to???


What do you think?????



Finally this song sums up my thoughts for today










  1. Great quote. What we do is try to get at least a present that promotes spiritual growth so that the focus is where it belongs :). Have a good nights sleep!

    Comment by Rachel — December 4, 2006 @ 11:05 pm | Reply

  2. Thanks Rach Merry Christmas

    Comment by jenz — December 5, 2006 @ 5:35 pm | Reply

  3. I agree so much with this post. We do buy Christmas gifts, but what we give our girls never outdoes my mother in law. We appreciate her wanting to go all out, but it really spoils our children. It makes me sad to see their initial excitement, and then as they keep pullling more toys or clothes out of the humongous Christmas bags Grandma brings, they just lose their enthusiasm. They’re not so obvious (because they know better!) but I can tell they’re overwhelmed and wanting to get through it all to get to the very last thing.

    Good point about gift giving, whose birthday is it anyway? It feels like of hypocritical to tell our children it’s all about Christ, and then make it all about presents.

    Comment by Mary — December 7, 2006 @ 2:07 am | Reply

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