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December 27, 2006


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I had a problem with this blog so I have made a new one

where I will be blogging from now on

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November 8, 2006

More about Daniel’s day yesterday~*~*~ a news item that is shocking~*~*~a shock here too

As i mentioned yesterday our wonderful next door neighbour Dee made Daniel a birthday cake. I invited her and her two children around for afternoon tea. The rest of us had muffins while Daniel enjoyed his cake.


Then we all enjoyed playing with the bubbles Daniel got from playgroup yesterday. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.


Above Daniel plays with the presents he got from his aunty’s.



I wanted to share this with you. It is simply shocking. I dont understand some parents at all. See this link. This story was on the news the other night. Parents have to be responsible. Little ones lives depend on it. I was so shocked to hear that there was no thing holding this little one in at all meaning that every time the driver went around the corner the baby would have rolled from one side of the ute to the other. SHOCKING and SAD. As the reporter said carseats can be hired cheaply. And what amount of $$ is the life of a wee baby.

I circled this photo of a ute to highlight where the police said the baby was datsun-1200-ute-back.jpg


This morning I was working on here and was aware that it was blowing a gale outside. Daniel was asleep thankfully. Otherwise I might have had a crying baby to deal with too. Next minute BANG!!!!!!!!!! SMASH!!!!!!!!! I got a fright. The french door had somehow rattled opened in the wind (it had been locked) and flown open and smashed. I rang Muzz and asked that he come over earlier (hes babysitting tonight) with some wood and then rang the landlord. The landlord said he’d get someone around today to fix it – hope so.


November 6, 2006

Banning fireworks

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fireworks-12.gifGuy Fawkes was officially last night. Even though it was hoped that people would be fireworks-12.gif

responsible and this would be a safe time of the year. It wasnt, in fact, it was the worst in 10 years. The fire service was rushed off its feet and it seems that despite the safety campaigns the fires related to fireworks are growing in number over the years rather than decreasing. In Palmerston North someone even managed to accidently start a fire in a bedroom of a house with a firework. Its not only the fire-service that are busy The Police report that some irresponsible people are making bombs out of fireworks too. People have to use their common sense and obey rules put in place for the safety of themselves and other people. This however, isnt happening and in the wrong hands fireworks can seriously harm or kill!!!

On Saturday night at our get together it was even discussed as to whether we need to celebrate this event at all and if this is what happens one wonders whether it would be better to forgo this event altogether.

As recently as last night a 13 year old lost his life after watching fireworks. So young, so sad.

Its not only people that are effected by this event. I went over to Muzz’s place this morning and Mum was telling me about Muzz’s sister who opened her door to a dog last night. The dog was scared and trying to find somewhere to hide. It managed to get in my SIL’s house and decided to lie on her couch. Which of course my SIL told it, it couldnt do. She rang the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals who told her they couldnt help her as they had no room for dogs. This morning she hoped it would find its way home. It wasnt the only distressed animal either.

While we are discussing what Mum said she also told me it sounded like a warzone outside their house. She said it sounded like people were throwing fireworks at their house. This did nothing to help their own little dog who insisted upon sleeping right between Mum and Dad at the top of their bed instead of by Mum’s feet. So while Napier police reported on the incidents that happened in that part of the Bay and that Hastings was quiter we wonder which part of Hastings they were talking about.
For more stories related to this topic read this report by the NZ Fire Service. The Fire service claim that New Zealand is ready for a ban

What do u think question-mark.gif

September 8, 2006

Death of Another Great Australian

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I was slicing up potatoes to make homemade chips for dinner to go with tinned baked beans and sausages – easy dinner tonight

When I heard on the news some tragic news

I dropped the knife and went into the lounge with mouth catching flies (wide open)

The News told us rally driver Peter Brook had been involved in an accident and died – read
Brooky (as I affectionately nicknamed him) was dead

My heart and prayers go out to all those who personally knew this great sportsman.






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